Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)

  • MMU is a mechanism to provide outreach services in rural and remote areas. This is not meant to transfer patients.
  • MMUs comprise of one/two or three vehicles varying state-wise.
  • Where there is more than one vehicle then
    • One vehicle is used for transport of medical and Para-medical personnel
    • Second is used for carrying equipment/ accessories and basic laboratory facilities
    • Third vehicle carries diagnostic equipments such as X-Ray, ultrasound, ECG machine and generator.
  • Each unit has- one doctor, one nurse, one radiologist, one lab attendant, one pharmacist and a helper and driver.
  • There is provision of medicines in the unit.
Guidelines for the Operationalisation of Mobile Medical Unit (in North-eastern States, Himachal Pradesh and J&K) PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. (156 KB)